Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Day of Sledding!

Who doesn't love to go sledding? And you're never too big or too old, right? We took advantage of the beautiful warm 30(ish) degree temps today and headed out to a nice, little slope... Come along and have some fun with us!
The pictures are taken at a distance, but just give them a click to enlarge.

Me and my girlies on the taboggin. Lots of girlie screamin' going on here!
Poor Kaleigh, it looks like I'm choking her! She's fine... honest!

The ambulance house is quite close to the elementary school where we were sliding in East Granby, Connecticut. My oldest son is the chief (yes, a very proud mama here... please let me have my moment!) and he was there cooking his chicken wings for tonight's game and party. Well, the wings were in the oven so... he decided to come over for a bit and join in. See, that's me and him going down for a ride. Weight definately plays a role in getting down faster and farther! That was a fun ride~!

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Wendy said...

SO much fun! What a perfect way to spend a Sunday, Sue!

And what a fine son you have there ;-)