Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Candlemas Day!

Seeing today is Candlemas we decided to dip some candles. According to Mrs. Sharp's Traditions Book, it is believed that February 2 was the day (during the Victorian era) that families put away the last of their Christmas decorations and took inventory of their depleting stockpile of candles. This is the day they spent replenishing their supply. First we melted some parafin wax along with a few Yankee Candles for some light scent. We did this on top of the wood stove.

Then we began dipping...

and dipping. Even Kyle's girlfriend, Debbie joined in.

Here is our end result... two tapers and a few poured into glass votives. I've got another little Valentine project lined up for those. Perfect for the kiddoes. Easy and gooey... with a very pretty ending!

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