Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Dotee Doll For Debbie

I made a few of these last year. Tons of fun! Debbie's (Kyle's girlfriend) birthday was the other day and along with her gift I made her a Dotee Doll. Kyle has been with Debbie for nearly four years now, and she's like a daughter to me. When she comes over to go swimming or we go to the beach, I always tease her about her bathing suit.....ummmm... or lack of coverage, and her belly-button ring. It's all in good fun and she knows it. If any one could or should wear a bikini and belly-button ring... it's Debbie. She's tall, slender, and pretty. But don't let the looks fool you... she's quite smart, too. And nice. Gosh, I can't forget that!
So anyway, I made a doll that took on her assets in the looks department. What do ya think?
For a pic of the 'real-life' Debbie, scroll down a couple pics and she's making some candles.

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