Monday, July 13, 2009


The past few days have been a whirlwind of anxiety. First my husband's job loss, then my dad being taken by ambulance and admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, my son being stuck by a catheter needle at the hospital, and my sister-in-law's brother passed away of cancer. My mom kept telling me to calm down, that things will get better. Well, my husband is still, of course, jobless, but hopefully he'll find another job. After a morning on the computer investigating unemployment benefits versus his pension, things may not be quite as bleak as I thought. At least I hope not. :)
My dad will hopefully come home from the hospital either tomorrow or Wednesday. My son, well, we haven't heard yet of the patient's blood results, but hopefully the patient was 'clean' and all will be O.K. And my sister-in-law's brother; well, he's been suffering for over a year and really, his passing is now a blessing.

We've tried to be upbeat, but honestly this whole thing has taken its toll. I felt a little better today so decided to give my girlies and myself a manicure and pedicure. Goodness, with the five of us adds up to a lot of digits to manicure! It was fun though, and everyone's nails look much better. The girls did some swimming and I sat out on the sidelines.

My side-kick, Kaleigh, has been right by my side all week. Her arms around me (along with all the kids and hubby, too) makes things just a little bit easier. My family, good friends, both on-line and in person, make everything so much better. Thank you all for the prayers, encouraging words and kindness. I am truly blessed.


My name is Cheryl said...

Sending you big hugs. I hadn't realized that so much had happened in addition to your hubby's job loss.

Wendy said...

((((( )))))
((( SUE )))
((( )))

LOL! That's a BIG hug with my arms wrapped around you too :-)

Robin said...

(mouth hanging open)...OMG, all I can do is send you (((cyber hugs)))

bumblebeebags said...

Its so hard in times of turmoil to remember that you are not alone. My favorite saying is "Jesus alone knows the strength of my shoulders" He will never overload matter how overloaded you may feel!

Linda said...

I had the same thing happen awhile ago without the health issues, so you are doing really well.