Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Camera - New Camera Case

Finally a blog post. It seems like such a long time; but really it's just been a week. I've been busy with life lately and just haven't had any time for stuff I wanna do...mainly it's been stuff I haveta do.
I've needed (nope, wanted) a new camera for some time but couldn't justify buying one as there really isn't anything wrong with the one I have. It works and everything but it doesn't take the greatest pictures. So I've held out. And it paid off. My husband just celebrated 30 years at the same company and they sent him a booklet filled with gifts he could choose. There were all kinds of things but not much appealed to him. He's not one for jewelry and just isn't a materialistic kind of guy. So what did he choose? A new camera for me! He never takes pictures but thought I'd like it. And I do! So of course, seeing as how I got this new camera, I had to give it a new home to sit in, right? And that's what I came up with. I searched around and looked at other people's tutorials and combined them and made my own. Maybe I'll be able to find it quicker seeing it's hot pink.
Oh, and just so you know, the above picture is taken with the old camera because I wanted the strap to come through and the old camera doesn't have one. Hopefully from here on, my pictures will be a little more clearer.


My name is Cheryl said...

woo hoo, don't ya love it when the hubbies let us pick something cause they don't want anythin? I know I do.
Loving your new camera case.
I so hear ya on the have to do stuff. I been doing that too. Haven't had a lot of time for blogging extensively. I am going to check out your link.

bumblebeebags said...

what a fantastic job you did! It looks amazing.