Monday, November 5, 2007

A Typical Homeschooling Day for Cassidy

Cassidy was busy at work this morning. This is what a run-of-the-mill morning looks like for second grade at our house. The other kids are busy doing their schoolwork, too. Corey is still sleeping as he has classes later this afternoon, Kyle is at class, (yes, homeschooling does eventually, and sadly, come to an end and they go on to college) Casey and Kaleigh are busy in their room doing their work, Cassidy is with me, and Kierra and Caressa are in a corner of the room playing Wedgits.
It's been a busy day, so far. I just made a batch of cookies and home-made rolls, and will later put together a Chinese casserole and veggie platter with some yummy dip to bring to my friend that's laid up for a couple days. I hung two loads of laundry and have one more to go, but daylight will be ending soon, so I think I'll hang that load downstairs. If I'm too tired, I'll just throw them in the dryer.
I have a cute project my daughter and I did over the weekend, and will post as soon as I have a few minutes to sew a button on...

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Dear Sue,

I am a mom of three in CT and really like your blog. I was hoping to write a bit more but prefer email. If you get a chance I am at

God Bless!