Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finished Christmas Gifts

Here is a table-top quilt I made for my parents for Christmas. It was my own design. It's made from 1930's reproduction fabric, as they were both born in the '30's (plus I just love the fabric, anyway) and the steam coming from the pies is hand embroidered. I will pair the topper with a cute pie plate and a list of 'pies-0f-the-month' that I will bake for them each month throughout the year. I'll have cherry for February, key-lime or mint for March, etc. I'll try to come up with a theme for each month.


Rachel said...

Sue, I'd try a chocolate mint/grasshopper pie for March...a lemon meringue for April...or maybe one of those pink strawberry pies with the coolwhip/gelatin base? MMMMmmmmMM

My late FIL used to say he liked only two kinds of pie: Hot, and Cold.



Holly said...

I was checking out your Christmas gifts. You have been busy. You said in your questionaire, you have seven kids. Where do you find time to do all of that. You are very talented. I love the table top throw.