Saturday, November 3, 2007

Children's Crafts

I am a consultant for families that homeschool their children, and are enrolled with a distance learning school. For my Mother of Divine Grace School children, I made each one a bookmark to send them as a little Christmas gift from me. We made twenty for my MODG "kids", and a few extra for my real life kids!
My children had a good time helping with this project. I cut scrapbook paper into 2" x 6" strips, and Cassidy, Kierra and Caressa put stickers on the paper. We laminated the bookmarks, punched a hole in the top and finished them off with a home-made pom-pom. My daughter, Kaleigh, spent the evening last night making the pom-poms while watching the Ghost and Mr. Chicken!
Since this was such an easy and successful project, I'll do the same thing with my daughter's Little Flowers group in December. The topic I'll talk about is knitting, and each girl could make a bookmark and make a pom-pom. Very useful skill later in life, right?

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Amy Ekblad said...

My kids received these from you guys and absolutely loved them!! Thank you!