Friday, April 17, 2009

A Giftee of Socks

I haven't been posting lately as I've been terribly busy finishing up school with the kiddoes and deep cleaning, painting and spiffing up the house. I really want to get most of the inside stuff done before gardening weather is here. And you know how home improvement stuff goes; once you paint one room, the next room/hall looks iffy and you just keep going. That's how it's been at my house for the past week or so, and I'm not done yet. I'll get some pics up soon.
I just celebrated my birthday on the 15th. Gary and I went out to dinner on my son, Kyle, and it was really good! I love Italian food and he got me a gift certificate to an Italian restuarant. We both really enjoyed that. I got some other nice gifts and cards, too, but thought I'd share the cute socks that Kaleigh knit up for me. After all the work I've done today, I thought I could put up my feet for just a few minutes and admire my new socks at the same time!

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