Thursday, April 2, 2009

Knitted Friendship Scarf

I have four friends that I'm on a Yahoo group with. One of the ladies organized our little group as we were all friends with her. She asked each of us if we wanted to belong to her little knitting group and swap projects. Without all knowing one another,we all blindly agreed. It has turned out to be a wonderful decision for all of us. We've found friendship, prayer, support and of course, great knitting buddies. We decided to knit a round-robin scarf. This one is mine... I started it with a garter border and six stitch border on either side. I then knit 16" or so of a pattern stitch. I then mailed it to the next person and she knitted whatever pattern stitch she wanted for 16" or so, then passed it on to the next person, and the next. While my scarf was being passed across the country, I was getting in their scarf and knitting on it. What fun! As we knitted on each others scarves, we prayed for that person's intentions. When I wrap the scarf around my neck, I feel like I have a hug from each of my knitting buddies.

Each is an example of a different stitch...

Some are reversible...

Some are not...

It really didn't matter what we knit, as long as it was pretty!

I have no idea what our next project will be, but I know whatever it is, I'll cherish it as it will be passed through my very good friends' hands.


My name is Cheryl said...

I likey.. : )
One of those stitches looks like the seed stitch. DD loves to use that when she makes scarves.

Cathy said...

Hello sue
What a lovely idea
I might suggest that to some of my 'crafty' friends - winter will be here soon and scarves are great to keep the neck warm on our cooler days
Take care